Often, because I am the CEO, I consider myself to be superior to our staff. This is a dangerous lie.

Yes, I probably am bringing most value to the company than any other staff. I probably am putting most thought to our business and have most experience and knowledge in leadership.

But work is only a part of life. I see other staff with humility which I lack. I see people with less self focus and more consideration for others than me. Although I know the living savior, I still lack in love and humility.

How can I be a person who can truly appreciate the differences and acknowledge others’ strength with humility? How can I be a man of love that brings out the best of others? There is so much growth needed for me. Pursuit of character never ends.

But that’s why work is so valuable. That’s why life is worth living. God has promised a life full of joy and the joy he promised us is limitless. I hope to grow each day to a better version of me!

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