Life of Abandon

We had our dear friends, Jeff and Winnie visit us from the Philippines. We have known for not too long but come to become very close friends. We have visited them at their home in the Philippines once or twice a year and taken our family there several times. They are like a family to us.

Jeff is from Illinois and has lived in the Philippines for 38 years. He is a missionary and he went around the country to spread the gospel living in tents and trailers for the first 22 years. He now lives in a house and has started many wonderful ministries to serve the people in the Philippines. He is one of those people who have abandoned comfort for a higher cause, higher calling.

In the bible, Jesus says, “whoever loses their life for me will find it.” Jeff and Winnie are those that are living this out. Having the pleasure to know them and to see their lives, I learned that material well being is not the key to good life. Abandonment is a key ingredient to live joyfully. The joy it brings does not mean life without worries, but it does mean life with clarity and purpose. I am thankful that God has led me to know them.

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