Walk in the Park

I don’t have to go far to appreciate how beautiful earth is. All I need to do is to get out and observe nature. Listen to the birds and smell the roses. I am usually not good at this. I usually go for a walk or a run looking forward to how many steps my fitbit will tell me at the end of my walk. I don’t take time to appreciate the nature around me.


My wife is different. As we walk, she would point out to the changing color of trees and the fruits on the trees. Flowers that are blossoming and the different type of ducks. She enjoys observing the nature. I think that’s a better time spent.  I want to be better at paying attention and smelling the roses when I go out. This time as we took a walk in the park by our house, I took my phone and took some pictures of the trees, fruits and birds. That is one way to force me to pay attention!

Nature is so intricate and wonder-full. I am so thankful God has created the earth to be so beautiful and that he has placed me here. I hope I will grow to be more appreciative of the seemingly everyday things around me. Because as I think of them, its not normal. Earth and my existence is a miracle.

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