Humility is a hard concept for me. Once we think we are humble, it seems to me that we become proud of being humble. Being proud of being humble sounds like an oxymoron. So, is trying to be humble an infertile pursuit? Should I quit perusing humility because it will make me proud?

But I don’t want to be a proud person. I like humble people and I would like to be one.

What is humility anyway? I searched google and here are some of the results;

“True humility is to recognize your value and others value while looking up. It is to see there is far greater than ourself into who we can become, who others can become, and how much more we can do and be.”

“Have a realistic appreciation of your great strengths, but also of your weaknesses.”

“modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance, rank, etc.”

It appears that humility is the recognition of who we are in an absolute sense (to God) and relative sense (to others.) I recognize that I am humble sometimes, but in many cases proud. How can I be humble without being proud?

I read a book by Dr. Ron Jenson and here is what he wrote, “Submit your interests to God and His interests.”

I liked Dr. Jenson’s definition of humility because although I am so far from perfect, I can at least pray and try everyday to submit my interests to God and His interests. Because I know God’s interest is to bless people and bring people to Him, to submit my interest to His, is also to put others before me. In my words, “submit my interests to God and put others before me.”

This is hard to do, but at least I feel like I have something to shoot for as I hope to grow in humility.


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