Financial Dashboard

I like creating something new. I like to clean up, and make it better.

Business is a passion for me to create, clean up, improve. It gives me a lot of challenges which is in itself interesting because its an opportunity to know God more. Business is not a for my life style, but my biggest hobby and passion. If I treat it right, it will bless everyone involved, the community, and potentially the world. If I treat it only as a source of income that supports my life style, it will stop to be a blessing. My life style can get really expensive and I may be a slave to making money through work.

I am blessed to get to work with a growing business. We have certain goals, action items, and KPI (key performance indicators) set. I don’t only look at sales or profit, but have certain indicators that includes future indicators I monitor. It gives clarity for what I need to do. This is a financial dashboard our COO prepares each month.

It is not easy to prepare financial statements that clearly points to the results and what business needs to do. However, once the format is made, KPIs are set, it gives clarity of what needs to be done. I can focus my prayer on them. It can also show things that I need to grow personally, also.

We have so much more to do and so far to go. But I am blessed with the clarity I have. Financial dashboard helps me a lot.

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