We are blessed

We made new friends yesterday. They are a family from Egypt who came to California by fleeing from religious persecution from their home country. They told us about their experience there; most likely just a small example, of their experiences. We had lunch together, and unexpectedly they invited us to their home for dinner! We had a good time together. Their little daughter is so cute!

I realized that there are many many people suffering for what they believe in, but still upholding their faith. Also was reminded of how blessed we are to live in the US. Also that we are often so spoiled and also so self-centered. Life can be much more meaningful if we can be thankful and learn to pursue what is truly important.

We don’t need to go through challenges and troubles to be reminded of what is important in life., although they really do. Meeting and talking with people who have a very different experiences reminds us of many things which are truly important.

Every encounter has a meaning. Thank you God for moving my perspective to get a little closer with yours.

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