At this trip to the Philippines, we met many friends. Jeff and Winnie, Manny and Bell, Ardy and Bennie, etc. they are all working with a big perspective and being used by God in mighty ways. I believe the Philippines have a good future if people like them will increase! Not just the Philippines but the world will be a better place!

I learned many things, but one thing I learned was from Ardy. In his book “Happy Entreprenuer” he quotes Isiah 7:11 “Ask anything. Be extravagant. Ask for the moon!” (the message translation.) I n


eed to believe in God and ask for bigger things. I don’t need to worry about the small things in life but move forward everyday believing that I have a purpose and that God will use me. I need to hold on to my vision and build up people. That God hates pride and I need to humbly approach him with big requests.

I love going there. It’s always inspiring. I thank God for all the people I am able to meet and learn from. This was not possible if not for all the connections given from work. Thank you Jesus for your goodness.

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