The blame game


Whenever there are things that don’t go my way, I like to blame others or the circumstances. Especially blaming others is so enticing because it empowers. Placing myself as a victim is justifies many things. I can justify my inabilities, my mistakes, my shortcomings by making myself a victim. By making myself a victim, I can put the blame on others or the circumstances. I don’t have to change.

I see some people that are always victims. Their default is to put the blame on something besides them. By putting the blame on others, they feel somewhat empowered. I understand because I often do the same thing.

Being a victim will go further. We want to talk to others about it. We want people to sympathize with us and develop camaraderie in this blame. Negativity is contagious and it attracts. It can spread from one “victim” to people around them.

The better way is to face the problem and do whatever that can be done. I can ask myself “what can I do?” By concentrating on what I can do and actually working on it, I can grow myself and make positive impact to the people around me. Sometimes I may want to step away from the situation and take a mental rest. It’s better than playing the blame game. I don’t need to rush to fix everything.

Sow thoughts and reap action, sow action and reap habits, sow habits and reap character, sow character and reap destiny. With the help of God, I believe its possible. Even a blamer like me can change.

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