Ultimate entitlement

The other day I had breakfast with a friend of mine. He shared this story;

“I have a friend who was becoming homeless, so I let him live in a house I own. He was thankful but when he started to treat the house as if he owned it and when I asked him to leave, he was cussing and would not leave. I helped him but now I need to kick him out.”

It’s sad when what we intended for good turns out to be a bad experience. Entitlement is a disease that is prevalent in our society. But I was moved by what followed from my friend’s mouth;

“But I realized that we are like my friend. God gave us this earth but we are treating it as if we own it. We are fighting for property, abusing the land, just as if we are owners. God must be sad when He sees the state of the world now. Yet he loves us so much that he gave his son. I feel like I was able to get a glimpse of God’s heart through the experience I had with my friend.”

Life is not perfect. We experience bad things in life. Yet through it all, God is teaching us, growing us through these experiences. We are allowed to have a glimpse of His heart through sadness, injustice, suffering and pain. Our hearts are moved and inspired the most when we see goodness shine through evil.

Good news is that this life is not the end. It’s a means to the end. And for those that believe in Him, everything will work for the good at the end. That is the promise of God.

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