Life is hard

We had a sharing time in the company the other day. We were sharing the blessings we experienced in 2019. As people shared, I realized that most of the blessings shared was a result of pain and suffering that preceded the blessing.

Life is not easy. We all go through a lot of hardships. I believe that this is the reality and the correct perspective we should hold. It’s good to think positive. But there is a big difference between thinking positive and holding a feeling of entitlement. We don’t deserve to live a life of comfort. We are at a mercy of our graceful heavenly father. He will train us and allow us to go through pain and suffering (which in many cases are self-inflicting) as he sees as necessary.

When we start to think that we deserve good things in life and not hardships, we can be filled with complaints. If we believe in the other peoples’ lives portrayed in their facebook pages are all they experience, and think we too deserve good life only, we are certainly deceived. Many of us, especially living in the US, are plagued by “entitlement complex” which is not true. Entitlement complex will alter our perspective, leaving us with feeling of scarcity and unfulfillment.

As believers of God’s word, He is calling us to have a right perspective. Right perspective is such that we live in a fallen world. That life is hard and full of challenges. This is the life we are called to live. But at the same time, God has already given us with all we need to live with joy and contentment in our hearts.

May we seek His kingdom and not the comfort this world allures us to. I learned from our sharing time that blessing comes disguised with pain and suffering. God is inviting us to see and experience the beauty through those tough experiences. Both through my experience and the experiences of those around us.

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