Why we do what we do

We want to be a purpose driven company. We want to be a team which everyone does meaningful things. A team that everyone pursues their purpose. A team that everyone understands the purpose of the team and the meaning of work that is connected to the purpose of the team.

As Simon Sinek explains, we want all our team members to understand the why. After why comes the how and lastly what. As he explains, our default is to understand what to do and then how to do things because “what” is very easy to understand. We talk about what then how. There can be a big difference between understanding Why first, then how then what.

Especially in such a time as this when things are changing and people are forced to work from home, understanding the purpose of the team and the related purpose for each individual is very important. For example, now we don’t really need a receptionist because we don’t have visitors. If the receptionist understands that her purpose is to be a person that serves our clients so they will have a great experience with us, she can think of many other things she can do even when there are no visitors. If our tax staff understood that his purpose is not to crank tax returns but to guide the client with taxes and finances, there are a lot of meaningful things the staff can do.

Understanding the why gives us power to keep on challenging. Work is not always easy, things will change. Understanding the why gives us the motivation to overcome issues. Also, understanding the why gives us with clear direction. When we don’t know the why we may divert to wrong direction or use time in meaningless things.

Our why is expressed in our belief statement as “creating trust and grow together”, in our Mission statement as “help clients maximize potential and resources” and in our vision statement as “impact the world” This is why we are doing what we do. We happen to do tax returns, payroll and bookkeeping because of this why.

It’s been about a month since the “new norm” has started. But it’s still not too late. I would like to use this time to think with our staff about the “why” we do what we do. And put it into action one issue at a time, one staff at a time. I believe this is why God made us humans. To understand and appreciate our existence. And to be good stewards of the opportunities He has given us.

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