Goals, dreams and desires

We are meant to live meaningful lives. We are fortunate to live in a peaceful country.

When we are living in comfort, we tend to be lazy. We tend to be content with fake things. Video games I believe, are such things. It is somewhat fun and safe, satisfies certain urges, but it is fake and no real satisfaction is attained.

I believe nothing worthwhile is attained comfortably. Precious things need to be worked on. Whether it is work, marriage or life dreams. When we strive for big things, little things become easy. When we try to do little things, little things appear to be difficult.

When we aim high, we achieve many things. We need to create SMART goals to accomplish big things. We need to be persistent to achieve big things. This will change our minds, then our actions, and will create a habit to be the person we were meant to be. Video games also create a habit. What kind of habit would you like to create?

Without dreams and goals, we slack. We are attracted to safer things, comfort and pleasure. So, the first step for leading a meaningful life is to dream big, be serious about it, and try to create a habit that will help you achieve your dream. Whether it’s our work, career, or family and life.

In my case, I have learned to get the small things out of the way and make time for “important but not urgent” issues. I will write down what need to be done, set a time limit (such as 2 hours), and work on it.

Then I will be intentional in making time to take action on the important things. It’s very important for me to set time in both the trivial and important things. Otherwise trivial will always prevail.

So let’s be a team of individuals who are intentional in leading life and those who have good habits. This is the way to get closer to realizing our dreams.

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