The road not taken

I want to introduce my thoughts after hearing a message from the pastor of our church today. The message was about the choices we make. He referred to the famous poem "the road not taken" by Robert Frost. The poem starts and ends as below; "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I... Continue Reading →

The blame game

  Whenever there are things that don’t go my way, I like to blame others or the circumstances. Especially blaming others is so enticing because it empowers. Placing myself as a victim is justifies many things. I can justify my inabilities, my mistakes, my shortcomings by making myself a victim. By making myself a victim,... Continue Reading →

Leaders don’t give up!

As I was listening to a sermon at church, I realized that all leaders have a big challenge. Leaders are concerned with their team. By definition leaders are those who want to lead the team to the next level. As human, I believe most leaders are wishing that all the members will be able to... Continue Reading →


We went for a walk in hill very close from our house. The wild grass has grown very tall and had beautiful yellow flowers. They were much taller than me. the usually barren hill has become a hill covered with flowers. Nature grows when water and sun are abundant. You can't prevent them from growing!... Continue Reading →

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