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I like creating something new. I like to clean up, and make it better. Business is a passion for me to create, clean up, improve. It gives me a lot of challenges which is in itself interesting because its an opportunity to know God more. Business is not a for my life style, but my... Continue Reading →


Humility is a hard concept for me. Once we think we are humble, it seems to me that we become proud of being humble. Being proud of being humble sounds like an oxymoron. So, is trying to be humble an infertile pursuit? Should I quit perusing humility because it will make me proud? But I... Continue Reading →


I was listening to future business expansion ideas with a CEO. He had many ideas. I was listening to his ideas. They were all good. The big question is “how should ideas be converted to plans and to action items?” It appeared that the ideas were not crystal clear. Several ideas and options came out,... Continue Reading →

Be still

It’s good to have time to think. Just being quiet and focus on an important issue without interruption. Life in California has a lot of things to do. Having too many options is not healthy sometimes. I can do this thing, I can watch that, I can meet that person…. Life can easily get too... Continue Reading →


Often, because I am the CEO, I consider myself to be superior to our staff. This is a dangerous lie. Yes, I probably am bringing most value to the company than any other staff. I probably am putting most thought to our business and have most experience and knowledge in leadership. But work is only... Continue Reading →

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