Smelling flowers

I took a walk today after reading the bible and the promises that God will take care of us. As I walked I noticed that there are so much flowers blooming now. Usually I will walk past them, but today I stopped and appreciated each flower along the path I took. There are so many... Continue Reading →

Ultimate entitlement

The other day I had breakfast with a friend of mine. He shared this story; "I have a friend who was becoming homeless, so I let him live in a house I own. He was thankful but when he started to treat the house as if he owned it and when I asked him to... Continue Reading →


We went for a walk in hill very close from our house. The wild grass has grown very tall and had beautiful yellow flowers. They were much taller than me. the usually barren hill has become a hill covered with flowers. Nature grows when water and sun are abundant. You can't prevent them from growing!... Continue Reading →

2019 Jan Japan trip

This trip started with my father-in-law's funeral. I moved west and am finishing the trip with my parents. Japan is a small country with excellent transportation system. It's very easy (that is if you read Japanese) to get around. I stayed at my friend's house which has a beautiful view of Mt. Fuji.   I was... Continue Reading →

Death Valley

Barren land as far as eyes can see. We camped at Shoshone. There are some "oasis" in Death Valley and this is one of them. At Shoshone, there is a natural hot springs and we enjoyed the swim in the pool. I read that the native Americans would spend time here. Seeing the vast "nothing... Continue Reading →


I spent four days in suburbs of Chicago. Its too cold here for a Californian. But at the same time we were blessed to see snow. It’s so beautiful! Its like a gift from heaven. When trees, grass, homes and everything is covered with snow, it is truly a wonderland. Also when its so cold... Continue Reading →

Walk in the Park

I don’t have to go far to appreciate how beautiful earth is. All I need to do is to get out and observe nature. Listen to the birds and smell the roses. I am usually not good at this. I usually go for a walk or a run looking forward to how many steps my... Continue Reading →

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