Goals, dreams and desires

We are meant to live meaningful lives. We are fortunate to live in a peaceful country. When we are living in comfort, we tend to be lazy. We tend to be content with fake things. Video games I believe, are such things. It is somewhat fun and safe, satisfies certain urges, but it is fake... Continue Reading →

Relationship building

Relationships are what makes a rich life. Relationship with God and relationship with others. Relationships need investment if you want it to grow, or perhaps even to start. Giving a good first impression, better yet gaining trust is a start of a good relationship. God has invested so much into the relationship between God and... Continue Reading →


I have a friend who is starting a new enterprise for the purpose of blessing the poor and marginalized through work. His passion and action makes me reflect on the meaning of work. Tim Keller in his book "Every good endeavor" writes, "We are not to choose jobs and conduct our work to fulfill ourselves... Continue Reading →

Why we do what we do

We want to be a purpose driven company. We want to be a team which everyone does meaningful things. A team that everyone pursues their purpose. A team that everyone understands the purpose of the team and the meaning of work that is connected to the purpose of the team. As Simon Sinek explains, we... Continue Reading →


I am thankful that I believe in a God who cares for me and has made me with a purpose. It’s a great way to live and cope with challenges. Instead of looking primarily at the problem or looking at a person with whom you have an issue with, I can look at God and... Continue Reading →

New Opportunities

I have heard from several of my friends about new business that is not going well, chances not materializing. It's not easy to know God's will. Our limited knowledge, ego, may prevent us from God's will being clear to us. As I ponder on the opportunities presented to me, I want to use this learning... Continue Reading →

Life is hard

We had a sharing time in the company the other day. We were sharing the blessings we experienced in 2019. As people shared, I realized that most of the blessings shared was a result of pain and suffering that preceded the blessing. Life is not easy. We all go through a lot of hardships. I... Continue Reading →

God as owner

A business that seriously believes that God is the owner should be distinctive from other business. If we lose distinction, which often can be disruptive to those who are associated in our business, our business may not be what God has intended it to be. God has called us to operate our business His way.... Continue Reading →

Empathy and understanding

I was a bit down yesterday after reading a report from the consultant we hired to investigate a certain problem we have in our company. The report did not actually did not write about the problem itself but suggested that there are quite a bit of negativity in our company and improvement of culture is... Continue Reading →

Things unseen

It is hard to walk without seeing. I really admire people who are blind. I tried to go down the stairs with eyes closed but i get scared after 7 steps each time and have to open my eyes and see. Seeing is such a big comfort. Life can be the same. We want to... Continue Reading →

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