New Opportunities

I have heard from several of my friends about new business that is not going well, chances not materializing.

It’s not easy to know God’s will. Our limited knowledge, ego, may prevent us from God’s will being clear to us. As I ponder on the opportunities presented to me, I want to use this learning opportunity to ponder on what God is teaching me.

Here are several things that I am learning about seeking God’s will in perceived opportunities;

  1. Is the motive to proceed with the opportunity for His kingdom? Or is it mainly for mine? Ego, weakness, disregard of truth – all these can affect my decision making. Will I take the opportunity even if I don’t benefit materially from this? I need to dig deep and consider my motives.
  2. Test the waters and see if God sends me a message. Keep my antenna up to search for signs. I need to be sensitive in how things develop. God is involved in all things. God will, or is already sending signs either positive or negative.
  3. Am I willing to let go of this opportunity? Sometimes I am so excited about the perceived opportunity. I need to be able to step back and hold on to the opportunity loosely. God may be sending signs which are negative. Or God may be suggesting a better way to pursue the opportunity. I need to be wise.
  4. Last but not the least, pray, and read his word. Is God confirming the determination by making me feel confident? Do I really sense God pushing me to a direction? Are fears being taken away as I spend time in prayer and reading? Even if things appear to be risky, if it is God’s will He will provide confidence.

God is full of resources and opportunities. He gives us opportunities because He wants us to grow. He wants us to know Him more.  He gives us opportunities to test us or our faith and stewardship. I want to grow and learn to know him better through these opportunities. Just as challenges are given us to know Him, so are the opportunities.

I like opportunities more than challenges. I hope I am a faithful steward of the opportunities so He will give me more!

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