I am thankful that I believe in a God who cares for me and has made me with a purpose. It’s a great way to live and cope with challenges.

Instead of looking primarily at the problem or looking at a person with whom you have an issue with, I can look at God and try to discern what God is teaching me. Instead of trying to solve the problem, I can ask God, “what is your will?” God has allowed things to happen. He has the best interest for me because He loves me. He knows what is good for me more than I know. So I don’t need to be stressed out (although challenges are stressful…) but bring the problems to the One who has all things in control and try to seek what His will is. Focusing on God and not on the problem is what I would like to grow in.

It is not easy at times, but I think I am trained by Him to be better at trusting Him with things. I believe this is a huge difference between a believer and non-believer.  Instead of being angry, I can seek Him. Instead of being prideful, I can praise Him. I would like to have peace in me that is does not change with the circumstances.

I can identify with apostle Paul as he writes “I do not do what I want to do, but do what I hate.” I don’t have enough will power to always do what I should do. Especially when you are angry or disappointed with someone. But I can focus on God and try to seek His will. I can grow and know Him more through focusing on Him. This is a great adventure which I want to pursue.

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