Be still

It’s good to have time to think. Just being quiet and focus on an important issue without interruption. Life in California has a lot of things to do. Having too many options is not healthy sometimes. I can do this thing, I can watch that, I can meet that person…. Life can easily get too full of stuff.

Even if I find a time and place where it is quiet and peaceful, I often end up looking at my phone. I will turn off my phone but still its hard to be completely focused on thinking and to spend time on contemplating because all the options disrupts my mind.

Also, it’s hard to sit still and just think. Your mind wonders. Negativity can occupy my mind. It’s hard to stay in the theme I have chosen to think. It’s always good to write down your thoughts. I try to journal as often as I can.

I am writing this now on the airplane on my way to Chicago. I can’t use my phone, nothing to do, so this is perfect. I read, think and get my laptop out to write. It’s great!


“Anything you want to drink?” Oh, the flight attendant is asking what I want to drink…I guess its not easy to be completely left alone even at 30000 feet in the air!

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